We evaluate the success of clients’ marketing efforts, reviewing the effectiveness of your recruitment activities and communication efforts.

We work with clients to acquire the most complete, consistent and accurate detail on their prospects and inquirers. We work to identify modes of contact with the instition that are either “student-initiated” or “institution-initiated”. This data is then loaded into the Prospect module within ETools.

The prospect module in ETools allows for the display of detailed application rates of different groups of inquirers, for instance:

  • Geography (state, region or zip code)
  • Gender.
  • Timing of first contact.
  • Type of first contact.
  • Type of search (if search was the primary source).
  • Pre-award amount.
  • Major.

We provide recommendations for improving the targeting of communications based on the application rates for individual sources and modes of contact. We also review the quality of client’s prospect information gathering processes to determine the possibility of improving the “business intelligence” flowing from the data.